Monday, August 16, 2010

Cool links and an update!


I just found a really interesting (I think) physiological oddity, check out the link:

Also!!! An AMAZING website with resources to help transform your eating and cooking habits to be more local, cheaper, and balanced when looking at global food economy:

As for the garden, we've had a slow couple of weeks but have released our first newsletter, with the next one coming later today!

Our cucumber plants are struggling with a wilting disease; at the start of the summer, I thought that cucumber beetles were only dangerous to the seedlings of these plants, eating at the stem and causing them to wither. Turns out that cucumber beetles are dangerous once the plants are adult as well, by transmitting a wilting disease from plant to plant. This is exactly what has happened to our cucumber plants, at this point we're hoping to salvage as many as we can though it doesn't look too good. For next year I think I'll recommend that they continue hunting cucumber beetles into the plant's adulthood, though I wonder if that would be effective?

Right now available for sale or for pick up on Thursdays 12-1pm in the Macdonald Stewart Lobby on campus, or Saturdays 9am-2pm at Marche Ste-Anne, we have:

Cherry tomatoes
Green beans
Swiss Chard
Spicy Asian Greens
Red Romaine (almost done!)
Hot peppers
Ground cherries
Asian Radish (larger and stronger flavour than normal radish)

If you email us we can put aside a selection of items for you to pick up. We've been having trouble with wasting vegetables since we are only harvesting once a week for the market; so if you are at all interested in receiving veggies during the week other than Thursday or Saturday, please let us know!

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