Thursday, April 07, 2011

The first Seeding!

Hey folks!

Spring is finally here…and so the seeding has begun! Last week, we gathered in the greenhouse to seed collards and jalapeno peppers for our acre plot in Senneville, and three varieties of onions for our Hort. Centre plot. T’was a pretty nice time lining up the little seeds in their trays, getting some sun on our faces, and earth under our finger nails for the first time this year - beautiful!

The seeding schedule is planned according to the growth period and temperature tolerance of each crop i.e. how early can it be transplanted outside, and when will it be ready for harvest? The onions, and collards should be ready for transplant in about a month, while the jalapenos won’t be ready until early June.

With the onions and collards already sprouting, the only thing left to do this week is eat, drink, dance, and be merry as we welcome back the sun with the MSEG/McGill Feeding McGill Spring Equinox Contra Dance Party tomorrow!! Woot! We hope to see foodies, farmers, and friends from the downtown campus, the Ste-Anne’s community, and of course, from here at Mac.

Thanks so much to everyone that came to help seed last week! If you’d like to help with some seeding, or if you have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to email us at, visit our brand new facebook page, or even better, stop us in the hallway for a chat!

Enjoy the sunshine!


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