Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gardening at the Community Garden

The plot with a G-shaped path has been named Lady Bug in the honor of this beneficial insect, natural predator of the aphids. We thought this shape of path would maximize space on our plot. We created raised beds in this quite weedy plot to insure good drainage an early start for the seedlings... It has been so warm lately, that may have been a bad move for this season. It has been direct seeded May 18th with a few varieties of leafy greens (cress, buttercrunch) and sweet peas. We also transplanted basil quite close together to avoid weeding... we are going to see in the season if basil plants would of like more space or if this spacing helped them thrive. A few May Queen (lettuce) was donated to us by a fellow gardener (Branislav, thanks!). They seemed shocked today! It was quite warm. We watered several times to insure good infiltration.
The plot with a U-shaped path was named after an american (continent) bird, the Purple Martin. This bird feeds off flying insects... (see and so was considered an interesting predator to welcome in our gardens (but they do like bees... a good balance is what we are looking for). This plot was direct seeded with carrots, beets, turnips, rutabaga, parsnip and radish on May 18th.

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