Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday May 11th -Working on a response...in the greenhouse

Last week the Sustainability Fund comity got together and selected our project as one with potential... Here you see Katryna, Emily and Kourosh working on a response to their comments, to be handed back to the comity before tomorrow, when they meet again. From this meeting tomorrow, we should be able to know what kind of funding is available for the MSEG. One of the point we want to get across to them before they take their decision is that we want to make this garden financially sustainable with sound budgeting and a deep economist vision. We want to use the words "environment" and "economy" together, not as opposites, but as complements. In his book Deep Economy, Caring for Ecology, Humanity and Religion (2001), Hans Dirk van Hoogstraten suggests the use of a new term "deep economy", analogous to "deep ecology" : "Deep economy is not just a play on words-it is the area that we must address to find the root causes and final solutions to our present ecological crisis. We must examine human motives, influences, and manipulation both on a surface level and on a deep level. Economy is inextricably linked to modern environmental problems. Many environmental ethicists believe that the economic actions are the fundamental agent in environmental problems and warn that profound changes in economic thinking and acting must be made."

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