Friday, June 04, 2010

Flea beetles and RAIN (an uplifting post)

We are running into some problems in the garden. But here at MSEG we are pretty hardcore and can handle them. The first is the flea beetle infestation in the community garden. These little guys (see picture) have been attacking the

eggplants and peppers, as well as all of the Ladybug and Purple Martin plots. They avoided our May Queen lettuce for some reason (thanks guys). I don't know about everyone else but I have a pretty protective attachment to our plants and it's quite possible that I sing to them in the greenhouse when I'm potting them up and no one is around...they REALLY like "Golden Slumbers"... The point being, this kind of attack can be pretty traumatizing for both the plants and myself. We are using this garlic spray to try to combat the flea beetles. Ingredients: three heads garlic, 1tsp Dr Bronners soap and lots of water. The greenhouse and our plot at the CG smell pretty bad right now. While we were spraying there was a small girl and her mother having a bonding experience gardening and we just might have ruined it with our aroma. Sad times. We are hoping that this spray will work. We ran into a Mac prof who uses spray made of Neem, that magical tree whose virtues are extolled by my hero Vandana Shiva. So there is hope if this doesn't work out.

Also, the rain these past couple of days has set us back a bit. The land at the Hort center is super clay, so we have developed a severe fear of compaction here. In this wet weather there is not much we can do in the field so we have been getting ourselves super organized for next week when we will be putting a lot of our seeds in the ground (parsnips, rutabaga, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower...) and transplanting our onions...AND laying the mulch and row covers. Monday should be a pretty beastly day. Again, nothing we can't handle (*manly grunt sound*)

Lets end this on a positive note: we have been getting some pretty sweet volunteers, who have not complained about weeding or the sun or how smelly the garden is right now. Thanks guys!

We are at the Mac Market as usual this Saturday 9-2, where this week you can listen to the lovely fiddle tunes of our most die-hard volunteer Anna Elbon. Get excited.

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