Saturday, June 12, 2010

HOW embarassing

So, we have had a breakthrough event at the community garden this week. For the past little while, our seedlings have started coming up and we have had some trouble trying to weed. Seedlings are really hard to tell apart from weeds, but we have been doing our best. Yesterday we were gingerly weeding around what we thought were are young persian cress seedlings when our friend Chris let us know that we were nurturing wild mustard, a nasty weed. The ragweed we had been pulling out was actually cress, so pretty much, we messed up. On the bright side it seems like the mustard was much more attractive for the flea beetles than the cress, so it acted as a `catch crop`, a sacrifice to the flea beetles. So we have less cress than we should but it is looking pretty scar-free. Maybe there is something to be said about leaving weeds?
The Hort Center garden, our biggest one, is looking good. We have been delayed due to rain and availability of materials, but we now have a nice row of tomatoes and another of onions, Shungiku (edible Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins, these flowers are magical!), marigold and dill. We also snuck a few poppies on the ends of rows. The flowers are to attract pollinators and pest predators, but also they`re just so darn pretty. Gotta have a nice work environment.
Finally, big news, our first vegetable was produced this week, got ourselves a little green pepper in the community garden. I`ll put up pictures soon. I felt like an overexcited parent on their kid`s first day of school, taking pictures from every angle. We can`t be cool all the time I guess.

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